As per the statute of the University of Calcutta and according to the Constitution of the Students’ Union, Saheed Anurup Chandra Mahavidyalaya has a democratically elected Students’ Union. As such, the Students’ Union represents all the students of the institution. The Students’ Union is very much helpful towards the students. The Students’ Union always maintains a  very cordial relationship with the teaching and non-teaching staff. The Principal is the Ex-Officio President of the Students’ Union. Other Office Bearers like Vice-President, General Secretary and different Assistant Secretaries are elected every year in the General Meeting of the Class Representatives for conducting the day-to-day activities of the Students’ Union.  The Students’ Union is in regular contact with the college students and organises different programmes like the Freshers’ Welcome, the Annual Social, the Annual Sports and the Voluntary Blood Donation Camps with the help of the cultural and the sports sub-committees The Students’ Union also publishes the college magazine, ‘Abhizan’ through Magazine Sub-committee. So, the activities of the Students’ Union are numerous in our college and these are organised under the supervision of the Principal.

Elected Class Representatives to the Students Union 2016-17

Students Union Executive Committee 2016-17


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