NAAC Certificate (2016-2021)

We are highly indebted to NAAC Peer Team for examining our systems and validating our claims about our academic vis-à-vis holistic development in our first accreditation and assessment for which we received C++ grade in the year 2004. While the approval and appreciation of NAAC Peer team fortified our resolve to touch greater heights in all areas of education, their fruitful suggestions have helped us to overcome the shortcomings as reported. We tried our level best to implement the suggestions as directed by the NAAC Peer Team. This is a matter of great satisfaction that the teaching, non-teaching staff, students and the administration have been working as a team with an excellent level of understanding and missionary zeal which will undoubtedly prove a great boon for this institution to grow from strength to strength in its pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

The college has been accredited B+ Grade w.e.f. 5th Nov, 2016.

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