(iii) Other Buildings - Apart from the above mentioned two blocks, we have some other buildings to serve miscellaneous purposes such as Security Room, Common Room, Generator Room, Cycle Stand, Canteen, Students’ Union Room and Gymnasium.

Class Rooms
The college has well-furnished class rooms, with good ventilation. Sufficient number of lights and fans are installed in each room of the college. Presently the college has 17(Seventeen) spacious class rooms with proper sitting arrangement of teacher and students. The big classrooms are well ventilated, with lots of sunlight, ideal for a crowded classroom. 9(nine) Classrooms(Room No. EB-15, SB-21, SB-22, SB-23, SB-24, EB-05, EB-06, EB-07, EB-08) have audio facilities and 1(one) Classroom(Room No. EB-14) is Smart-classroom with advanced audio-visuals multi-media facilities like Overhead Ceiling-mounted Projector, Laptop, and Computers. Some departments have own classrooms and there are some common classrooms.
Technology Enabled Learning Spaces: College has created One Smart Class Room which is equipped with 12 Computers, Overhead Projector, LED TV, Laptop, Internet Connection(through data card), and Audio-Visual Aids for creating environment for ICT enabled teaching-learning. It is extensively used by various departments for imparting teaching through Information-Communication-Technology. It is also used occasionally for holding important staff meetings. The room is also utilized to counsel the students during the University Registration of the first year students.
Tutorial Spaces: Class rooms are used as Tutorial Space. Remedial classes are taken for slow learners. There are also provision in Entry-in-Service Classes for who are interested in Government and other jobs.
The college has two playgrounds of size, approximately 1000 Sq metre, which is used for the practical classes of Physical Education throughout the year. Other events such as College Sports Meet, miscellaneous outdoor games, Annual Cultural Programmes etc. are also being held here.
Outdoor Sports: Huge playground is available for Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Athletics etc. Annual sports meet is organized  every year under the banner of the College Union. In every year, our college students (both Male & Female Team) are actively participate in Kho-Kho Meet, Athletics Meet & other sports events at other college/university levels.
Indoor Games: Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis etc. are available in Students’ Common Room for the students to practice whenever they are free.

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