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Proposal for the Establishment of A College In The Public Meeting                   : 24th June, 1986
Constitution of the Preparatory Committee for the Proposed College               : 29th June, 1986
Submission of the Proposal to the Government of West Bengal                           : 28th August, 1986
Inspection of the Higher Education Department, Government of West Bengal  : 18th October, 1989
Laying of the Foundation Stone by the then Chief Minister                                 : 10th September, 1990
Inspection by the University of Calcutta                                                                    : 29th March, 1991
Approval of the Government of West Bengal                                                            : 23rd August, 1991
Approval of the Undergraduate Council, University of Calcutta                         : 5th September, 1991
Approval of the Syndicate, University of Calcutta                                                   : 13th September, 1991
Opening of the Admission Process                                                                            : 21st September, 1991
Inauguration of the College by the then Chief Minister                                          : 16th November, 1991
First Academic Session                                                                                               : 1991-92
Approval of B.A. (General) Course in Bengali, History, Education,   
Philosophy, Political Science                                                                                      : 1991-92
Approval  of  B.Com. (General Course)                                                                      : 3rd October, 1994
Approval of B.A. (Honours Course) in Political Science                                         : 1995-96
Approval of B.A. (Honours Course) in History                                                          :1996-97
Approval of B.A. (Honours Course) in Bengali                                                         :1997-98
Approval of B.A. (General Course) in English                                                           : 1999- 2000
Approval of B.A./B.Sc. (General Course) in Geography                                         :2004-05
NAAC Accreditation  (1st Cycle)   C++ Grade                                                             : 3rd May, 2004
Opening of NSS unit of the University of Calcutta                                                  : 2007-08
Opening of the Department of Enrichment Courses                                  : 2006-07
Opening of the Communicative English Courses                                                     : 2007-08
Approval of B.A./B.Sc. (General Course) in Physical Education                          : 2008-09
Approval of B.Sc. (Honours Course) in Geography                                 : 2008-09
Approval of B.A./B.Sc. (General Course) in Economics                                          : 2010-11
Opening of the Anurup Chandra College Vocational Training Centre               :2011-12
Commencement of B.A. (Honours Course) in English                                             :2011-12
Approval of B.Sc. (General Course) in Computer Science                                      : 2013-14
Approval of B.Sc. (General Course) in Mathematics                                               :2013-14
Silver Jubilee Year Celebration (Opening Ceremony)                                            : 16th Nov, ’15
Silver Jubilee Year Celebration (Closing Ceremony)                                              : 15th Nov, ’16

NAAC Re-accreditation  (2nd Cycle)   B+ Grade                                                  : 5th November, 2016
Approval of B.A. (Honours Course) in English                                                          : 2016-17

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